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Gonubie-Manor, built in the 1800’s and steeped in history, was built by a settler’s family, the Mackenzie’s.

Originally built as a hotel to accommodate guests far and wide, they would come from inland to the harbour to buy goods such as tea, sugar and spices. Those days, it took 6 hours from the harbour to the manor to spend the night and rest.

In 1869 Sir Edward Brabant, a Major General well known throughout the British Empire, bought the farm “Gonubie Park” for 4000 pounds.

1909-1910 The Brabant Bridge was built. This is the bridge over the Gonubie River, just before Gonubie-Manor. (You can still see some of the structure next to the bridge we use today.)

In 1922, Gonubie-Manor as it is known today was run as a hotel. The McKenzie sons built it and Malcomess had the liquor license.

Mr. Louis Rosenbaum bought “Gonubie Park” in 1933. There was no Gonubie, as we know the town today. It was all part of the approximately 1 900 Acres that was part of Gonubie-Manor as it is known today. (Ref. to the Key plan and photo’s of Gonubie Park Estate.)

Mr. Louis Rosenbaum decided to sell off plots and called this development “Gonubie Park Estate, Ltd.”
He broke the estate up into two sections. Gonubie Park and Gonubie Manor. Gonubie Park was the land that was for sale. All plots were approximately a quarter acre in extent and priced from 50 pounds to 200 pounds. Copies of the plan and price lists could be had on request and picked up from No 53, Oxford Street, East London in those years.

In his advertising campaign, he described that these plots were on a gradual slope with a sea frontage of approximately one and a half miles and extended inland for over two miles to a frontage along the Gonubie River of nearly three miles. It was 16 hours distant from Durban by boat, and roughly six miles by sea from East London.

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